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  • Special-Purpose Audit Engagements

Special-purpose engagements for the purpose of expressing auditor's opinion in respect of the audited financial information

BDO team in Belarus is provides audit services under special-purpose audit engagements, including the audit of:

  • Accuracy of accounting for business transactions
  • Proper use of loans and investments
  • Investor’s (investment project initiator’s) financial position
  • Financial position of the securities issuer
  • Formation of the authorized capital, origin of organization participants funds contributed to capital
  • Tax returns (calculations)
  • Structure and valuation of an enterprise as a property complex
  • Cost of property, plant and equipment owned, managed or operated by the company
  • Other indicators of company’s financial performance
  • Services on independent assessment of the activities of legal entities (individual entrepreneurs) in their liquidation (termination of activities)

Sound experience of cooperation with major enterprises of various economic sectors allow us to carry out even more complex engagements and guarantee you a highest quality of services.

In order to get a detailed consultation, clarify the cost of services or request a commercial offer, you can send us a request.

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