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  • Review of Statutory Financial Statements

Review of the financial statements, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus

BDO team has broad experience in conducting a so-called «express audit» as they provided this type of services in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing until the adoption of the corresponding rule in the Republic of Belarus.

The review audit is an overview of information disclosed in the financial statements carried out by the audit team, by means of  analytical procedures, inquiries, analysis of the validity of disclosure of information and comparability of financial statements with previous reporting periods and forecast indicators in order to establish facts that indicate a possible violation of the National accounting standards.

The review provides you with an independent opinion based on a professional judgment on the absence of a negative aspect in the accounting.

The review is in demand by companies that publish quarterly financial statements, as well as by individual companies subject to consolidation during the audit of the consolidated financial statements.

In order to get a detailed consultation, clarify the cost of services or request a commercial offer, you can send us a request.

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