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  • IFRS services

IFRS services

The BDO Belarus team offers its clients the comprehensive scope of IFRS services, including translation of local accounts into IFRS, IFRS 1st time adoption, development of the IFRS methodology, accounting policies and much more. We have a vast experience working with the largest Belarusian enterprises through all types of industries.

We combine the experience of auditors, tax and financial specialists to save your time and resources and to provide competent and systematic work on updating and developing accounting policies, methodological base, description of the reporting methodology for organizations in all sectors of economy that meet the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards.

We believe that in order to disclose the potential of each company, we need an individual approach and agreed consistent methodology, therefore in our work we apply deep industry knowledge, provide our clients with the best specialists in specific fields and use the latest methodological materials.

BDO Belarus has a unique long-term experience in development of IFRS methodologies (translation, consolidation, parallel accounting in local GAAP and IFRS). Developed methodologies are suited for both automation of the process of IFRS reporting, as well as comprehensive instruction for the preparation of IFRS reports performed manually. Developed by our specialists methodologies have already been implemented on a number of Belarusian enterprises.  We are also ready to train your employees on the preparation of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS.

In order to get a detailed consultation, clarify the cost of services or request a commercial offer, you can send us a request.

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