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  • Why BDO?

Why BDO?

Reasons to choose us:

  • Leading audit and consulting company, a member of the international association of independent audit and consulting firms.
  • Support for common quality standards around the world through rigorous control procedures and risk management.
  • A global knowledge base, a unique methodology for auditing.
  • BDO. Highly qualified specialists with significant industry experience, having both national and international certificates of attestation.
  • Unique long-term experience in supporting fast-growing Belarusian companies, including implementing international financial reporting standards, system-forming enterprises, leading banks, government bodies.
  • Impeccable reputation: the leading national and international enterprises and organizations represented on the Belarusian market are our clients.
  • The branch principle of rendering services, an extensive base of specialized solutions.
  • Understanding the needs of the client, willingness to achieve together client’s goals, quickly responding to changes in the market situation. The concept of customer service, which provides for direct participation of partners in solving problems facing the client.
  • The single brand BDO means for the clients of the association a single approach and common quality standards of the services provided in any country where the BDO network is present.